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Where can I find a Pediatric Dentist 11542?

On the lookout for an experienced pediatric dentist 11542? When it comes to the oral health care needs of you and your loved ones, look no further than North Shore Professional Dental Care PLLC. Providing a comprehensive range of preventive, restorative, emergency, laser and cosmetic dental services for patients of all ages, Dr. Kenneth Wong has over 25 years of experience in the field, and always welcomes a new smile in our office! Dedicated to remaining current with the foremost dental research, technology and techniques, Dr. Wong emphasizes a preventive approach to dental care for patients of all ages, and can help you and your children establish the healthy habits and foundational understandings necessary for a lifetime of continued oral health.

Pediatric Dentist 11542

One of the best practices for maintaining the health of your children’s smiles is to schedule checkups with your pediatric dentist 11542 every six months. At these visits, Dr. Wong can perform a comprehensive oral examination, carefully checking on the health and development of their teeth, gums, and jaws. With routine oversight, your dentist can detect any issues affecting your child’s oral health early on, when they’re typically the easiest to treat and monitor dental and facial development as your child grows. Because children are at increased risk for cavities, we emphasize educating your kids all about the importance of good oral hygiene along with hands on instruction in the proper methods for brushing and flossing throughout the year. To help keep their smiles clean and healthy, we also perform professional teeth cleanings during their checkup, expertly removing any plaque buildup from difficult to reach areas. By making your kids visit as informative, engaging and informative as possible, we can help to instill a positive attitude towards their oral care which can last a lifetime.

By partnering with your pediatric dentist 11542, we can help to ensure that your children develop the healthy habits and positive attitude necessary to establish and maintain excellent oral health. To schedule your children’s next checkup, give a call to the friendly staff at North Shore Professional Dental Care PLLC today!

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