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Which Glen Cove dentist can treat my gum disease?

Were you aware that periodontal disease is the single most common cause of tooth loss among adults? Among the major difficulties with gum disease is that its progression is often painless, so patients are typically unaware of its development. When you visit North Shore Professional Dental Care, PLLC for an oral exam, your Glen Cove dentist makes use of the most leading edge diagnostic technology to evaluate the health of your teeth, gums, and jaws. If you’re exhibiting the early signs of gum disease, Dr. Kenneth Wong can perform the critical periodontal care you require, and is an exceptional resource for preventing its recurrence later on.

Glen Cove Dentist

With the accumulation of dental plaque in the mouth, harmful and progressive dental conditions can begin to develop. Dental plaque likes to make its way down beneath the gum line, where it hardens into a rock-like substance called tartar. While flossing normally allows us to remove harmful plaque from the gums, with hardened tartar, flossing becomes increasingly difficult, requiring professional intervention. Hardened tartar creates several problems for the health of your gums. For one, in making it difficult, or even impossible to floss, harmful bacteria can continue to accumulate. For another, the presence of tartar in the gums can eventually lead to the significant loss of teeth, bone and gum tissue if left untreated. Dr. Wong is experienced in providing periodontal therapy, and will carefully remove any harmful bacteria and tartar that has stowed away in the pockets of your gums. In its earliest stage, periodontal disease can be reversed with regular flossing, brushing, and follow up care with your Glen Cove dentist. In its more developed stages, your dentist also provides advanced periodontal therapy to prevent gum disease from progressing any further.

Following treatment, most patients can prevent the recurrence of gum disease by taking a proactive approach to their oral care. By scheduling semi-annual visits with your Glen Cove dentist along with a consistent brushing and flossing regimen, you can maintain optimal oral health for your smile. To schedule your next appointment for periodontal care, contact North Shore Professional Dental Care, PLLC today!


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